Monday, January 16, 2012

Munny Bub- What I did

I just could not get myself to go back to the Judge right now, so i decided to change up the pace.
Last summer I bought some Munny's with bright eyed intentions into making some master pieces, Now, I have finally decided to crack them out of the closet and let him see the light of day. The little man I decided to work on is  a "Bub" Munny, he's a little bit fatter, big headed and hippoish...

Sculpting attempt #1

Originally I was thinking of doing some sort of Jamaican man, with dreads and some bongos, but I think I may switch it up to a soccer player... As for the team? I have no idea yet! We have no real soccer team in Canada(*sigh* :( ) , so I am open for suggestions!

The dreads are made with epoxy. The longer strands coming out of his head actually have paper clip parts to support for structure. I  am having some difficulties with his hair. Originally i tried to make sort of a "crown" armature for his head, but that turned out disastrous. So I decided to than just build the dreads on his head, and sort of drill/glue the clips in.

I seem to have run into a bit of an issue though, I made the... Let's just call it "hair extensions" too thick in comparison to what I have on top of his head. I think I am going to have to shave down the extensions...

Until next time!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yoda Munny by AceofSpades56- What I Liked This Week

Since I decided to crack out my Bud, I am going to stick with a Munny theme. What I really liked this week is:  Yoda Munny, created by AceofSpades56, check him out here!

 I picked Yoda Munny for several reasons, one being it reminds me of my great grandma and yes, we actually did call her Yoda! I'd say its a compliment to be called one of the wisest and most powerful... Er creatures in a fabricated universe??? Ok maybe not so much...
Well...anyways... Another reason why I picked this one out is quite frankly.. Its just looking amazing!

And yes, I realise it is not yet finished... but hey, the sculpt job is awesome! Although, it has essentially lost all its Munny features, I will still call it a Munny because buried deep down underneath all the fantastic epoxy/sculpey(?) there lives a Munny! I think...

Regardless, he nailed Yoda's expression and texture... I just can't wait to see it finished!

Sadly... I must.
Until next week,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Davy Jones Munny by MalPal701- What I Liked This Week

It seems I have not been all that consistent with this blog. Therefor, even though, I am normally against New Years Resolution... I am making one to do updates here! I've scheduled it in to my weekly life this time around.

Now.... the update!

I wanted to spice up what I like this week to something non miniature related. Since I love Kidrobot Munny, I decided to pick one of my favorite pieces. Even though it is a little dated, it has not lost its awesomeness!

SOO, here it is. A Kidrobot Munny: Davy Jones, by MalPal701

The paint job is good, especially the coloring around the eyes. What stood out for me the most though was the sculpting work. She nailed the texture on the skin and the tentacles look so squirmy :P

Until next week!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kingdom Death: Preacher Pinup by Arnold Kovacs- What I Liked This Week

My friend (aka Malleus) recently just finished, from what I think, to be his best model yet. SOOO I am going to show it off here :P

I think he had done this sexy Kingdom Death model justice. He nailed the skin color, and the glow of her jewel turned out pretty sick to.

One of the things I really like is that all the colours work nicely together and he keeps them girly but still realistic. The lighting is really well done, I find that to be pretty hard to do myself at times, especially on the base, the shadow under that rock cliff is awesome!

Pleeeease vote for it here at CoolMiniOrNot!
He needs more votes!!
So behold, the more naughty than nice Preacher Pinup.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zesty Highlights- What I Learned This Week

So it was brought to my attention that the red on the Judge's coat was turning a little pink in some areas, namely in the highlights. To highlight, I was originally just keeping it simple by adding white to the red. It wasn't looking to hot... somebody suggested I add a little bit of yellow or orange. And that is what I did! I mixed in a fairly bright yellow and it seems to be much  much better, you can check it out in the gallery here

I decided then to add some brown to liven up the shadows (originally I was just using black). I find it gives it a nicer feel.

Moral of the story: be daring! Use multiple colors when highlighting.


Painting this week!- What I Did This Week

Well I actually did get around to painting this week. I am pretty much done the coat, I just need to touch up the sleeves... and then I'm ready to move onto a new color! YAY!

I have been very busy with a bunch of stuff so I apologize for not being as consistent or active with updates. I am planning to be very active in December once exams and assignments slow down and work as well!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I didn't do this week

It was such a hectic week with moving, school exams, and work overload that unfortuantly I was unable to post and paint. I am crossing my fingers that this week will be slower so I can finally finish that fricken model! It has been on the table for far to long.

Here's hoping!