What's This About?

What is this blog about??
This blog is about me, Mallows, in the miniature world. Buying miniatures, assembling miniatures, painting miniatures, and maybe even that other stuff you do with miniatures *eek!*. I work on the models I like, whether it be the oh so popular Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop, anime characters from Anima Tactics or maybe even some hand crafted cartoon characters... there is no bias here!

So who is Mallows?!?
I am a student who is currently enrolled in business (specifically, marketing). I have tried many different “activities” from wrestling and snowboard to origami and film making. My friends have been “gently” pressuring me to get into painting more with them. I am by no means an expert; my artistic skills are limited to what I have picked up in high school arts and crafts and practiced with lined paper doodles. Not enough info? Then check out my profile!

 “Why the heck are you writing a blog about this?”
An excellent question that is! I have always wanted to have a website, but I never knew what to write about. So I figured why not!? I am hoping this will push me to develop more (since my deadly sin is procrastination) and hopefully get some useful instructions from fellow painters and who knows, maybe even help some fellow painters out!!