Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inexpensive Photography Technique- What I Learnt This Week

This week, I happened to stumbled across this new (well to me at least :P) innovating, inexpensive technique on how to photograph your miniatures. All you need is a camera, a backdrop, mirrors and a miniature (any will do!). What? Where's the lamps?? Who needs lamps when you have the good old sun! Basically you are going to be redirecting the sunlight with your trusty mirrors.

Want to know more? Check out Painted-by G's Tutorial here

So you can forget those expensive lamps and bulbs, put away your fancy light boxes and start using the most natural lighting source there is, the sun!

PS. He also has a good intro tutorial on Photoshop too!

Broken Sword - What I Did This Week

 This week was a little bit hectic with work and school in the crunch time. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself around to grabbing the brush; however, I was able to fix the broken sword.
I must say, this was a little bit of a battle, with only the tip missing I was at a lost what to do. I added a bit of magic sculpt on the end of my broken sword and made the basic shape and let it harden overnight.

The next  day I tried to sand it so it was even with the rest of the sword, I guess I sanded a little to much and the tip  fell off. Luckily, all was not lost as it kept the same form. I was debating pinning it, but the sword being so tiny and thin, it got me worried. I ended up just gluing it back on and finish shaping it.

It turned out pretty good. I guess I could of just showed the  company the miniature and got them to send me a replacement, but hey where is the fun in that :P