Saturday, October 29, 2011

Broken Sword - What I Did This Week

 This week was a little bit hectic with work and school in the crunch time. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself around to grabbing the brush; however, I was able to fix the broken sword.
I must say, this was a little bit of a battle, with only the tip missing I was at a lost what to do. I added a bit of magic sculpt on the end of my broken sword and made the basic shape and let it harden overnight.

The next  day I tried to sand it so it was even with the rest of the sword, I guess I sanded a little to much and the tip  fell off. Luckily, all was not lost as it kept the same form. I was debating pinning it, but the sword being so tiny and thin, it got me worried. I ended up just gluing it back on and finish shaping it.

It turned out pretty good. I guess I could of just showed the  company the miniature and got them to send me a replacement, but hey where is the fun in that :P


  1. Looks like it came out fine to me!

  2. Thank you!
    Was my first attempt at sculpting :P