Saturday, January 7, 2012

Davy Jones Munny by MalPal701- What I Liked This Week

It seems I have not been all that consistent with this blog. Therefor, even though, I am normally against New Years Resolution... I am making one to do updates here! I've scheduled it in to my weekly life this time around.

Now.... the update!

I wanted to spice up what I like this week to something non miniature related. Since I love Kidrobot Munny, I decided to pick one of my favorite pieces. Even though it is a little dated, it has not lost its awesomeness!

SOO, here it is. A Kidrobot Munny: Davy Jones, by MalPal701

The paint job is good, especially the coloring around the eyes. What stood out for me the most though was the sculpting work. She nailed the texture on the skin and the tentacles look so squirmy :P

Until next week!