Sunday, November 20, 2011

Painting this week!- What I Did This Week

Well I actually did get around to painting this week. I am pretty much done the coat, I just need to touch up the sleeves... and then I'm ready to move onto a new color! YAY!

I have been very busy with a bunch of stuff so I apologize for not being as consistent or active with updates. I am planning to be very active in December once exams and assignments slow down and work as well!


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  1. Interesting miniature, I didn't see it before. I try to give you a tip to his cloak. The shadows and lights are nice blended, but I think the lights on the shoulders must be brighter then the lower parts of the cloak. Because you want to catch the focus around/on his head. Anyway.. keep on happy painting :D nice blog, even if its all purple :D best regards Oli/MassiveVoodoo