Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kingdom Death: Preacher Pinup by Arnold Kovacs- What I Liked This Week

My friend (aka Malleus) recently just finished, from what I think, to be his best model yet. SOOO I am going to show it off here :P

I think he had done this sexy Kingdom Death model justice. He nailed the skin color, and the glow of her jewel turned out pretty sick to.

One of the things I really like is that all the colours work nicely together and he keeps them girly but still realistic. The lighting is really well done, I find that to be pretty hard to do myself at times, especially on the base, the shadow under that rock cliff is awesome!

Pleeeease vote for it here at CoolMiniOrNot!
He needs more votes!!
So behold, the more naughty than nice Preacher Pinup.


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  1. Oh yes - indeed a lovely figure! Love the colours, the painted light and the base ... and the booty of the sculpt :D - very well done - you got to tell that to your buddy! Best Wishes and keep on happy painting! Roman