Monday, January 16, 2012

Munny Bub- What I did

I just could not get myself to go back to the Judge right now, so i decided to change up the pace.
Last summer I bought some Munny's with bright eyed intentions into making some master pieces, Now, I have finally decided to crack them out of the closet and let him see the light of day. The little man I decided to work on is  a "Bub" Munny, he's a little bit fatter, big headed and hippoish...

Sculpting attempt #1

Originally I was thinking of doing some sort of Jamaican man, with dreads and some bongos, but I think I may switch it up to a soccer player... As for the team? I have no idea yet! We have no real soccer team in Canada(*sigh* :( ) , so I am open for suggestions!

The dreads are made with epoxy. The longer strands coming out of his head actually have paper clip parts to support for structure. I  am having some difficulties with his hair. Originally i tried to make sort of a "crown" armature for his head, but that turned out disastrous. So I decided to than just build the dreads on his head, and sort of drill/glue the clips in.

I seem to have run into a bit of an issue though, I made the... Let's just call it "hair extensions" too thick in comparison to what I have on top of his head. I think I am going to have to shave down the extensions...

Until next time!


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