Sunday, October 16, 2011

Malifaux WiP- What I Did This Week

My friends who have been in the miniature hobby for years have been fairly insistent that I try my hand at painting miniatures. Reluctantly, I caved in and am attempting my first model. Not wanting to tip the budget on my first piece, I chose a small model from Malifaux, the Judge, a sword wielding bad ass cowboy.
The model was casted pretty good, all except for the broken tip of the sword... Nothing a little epoxy TLC can't fix (one step at a time though!). 

So here is my first attempt EVER at painting (other than the "masterpieces" I created in high school arts and crafts classes :P).

Well actually I am lying when I say my first attempts, since my first attempt at this pierce turned out horrid, it looked like cake batter smeared all over the poor thing. I got so frustrated I had to strip it all off and start again.

So this is my second attempt at painting...This time with a clearer head, and a few techniques better explained to me. The main thing that helped me was learning how to "glaze" so my transitions were smoother. For those of you who do not know what glazing is, it is a process people often use when trying to blend two different shades or colors together. Glazing is helpful to fix bold brush lines or to create a flowing transition.
I still need much more practice on this so if you have any tips let me know!

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